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  • A Saucy Selection Box


    All of our bestselling condiments and sauces in one handy gift hamper.  Chilli Jam, Bacon Jam, Dragon Pickle Beetroot Chutney and our famous Caramel No.5.  4 Jars in a hamper.


    Caramel No.5: Milk  ;  Bacon Jam: Celery

  • Best.Drizzle.Ever.


    This.Is.It.  Our indulgent and zesty lemon drizzle loaf, oozing with lemony syrup


    Gluten (wheat) ; Eggs ; Milk (butter)

  • Biscuits Galore!


    Jammie dodgers, melting heart chocolate biscuits, chocolate chip cookies and traditional shortbread all in one place to be just on hand!


    Gluten (wheat) ; Eggs ; Milk (butter)

  • Jar Of Hearts


    Inspired by the popular song, we have our Jar Of Hearts – a biscuit jar that comes to you already filled with a variety of heart-shaped biscuits including jammie dodgers, melting chocolate cookies, shortbread and more.


    Milk (butter), Gluten (wheat), Eggs

  • Love-Heart Jammie Dodgers


    One of our most popular offerings – a refinement of the classic Jammie Dodger.  6 rich, buttery Shrewsbury biscuits, filled with seedless raspberry conserve and vanilla buttercream.  They’re heart-shaped for the season, too…


    Gluten (wheat), Milk (butter), Egg

  • Orange & Lavender


    A 7” luxury layer sponge cake with buttercream, scented with oranges and edible lavender… a classic.


    Gluten (wheat) ; Eggs ; Dairy (butter)

  • The Indulgence Box


    Treat your lover (and/or yourself) to the exquisite taste of:  4 chocolate brownies, 4 meringue kisses, 4 salt caramel eclairs, 4 love heart biscuits


    Gluten (wheat), Eggs,  Milk (cream, butter), Nuts (chocolate praline)

  • The Just Me Box


    If it’s just you this Valentine’s Day… that’s fine.  We’ve put together a box to treat yourself regardless.  Containing a pork & apple sausage roll, a quadruple choc brownie, 2 meringue kisses, salt caramel eclair, mixed truffles from Charlene’s Chocolate Factory and a 200ml bottle of Prosecco.


    Nuts (chocolate praline), Milk (cream, butter), Eggs, Gluten (wheat)

  • The Romance Box


    A declaration of love… in edible form.  Our Romance Box contains:  4 chocolate mousses (in shot glasses to keep), 4 hazelnut friands, 4 love-heart biscuits, a 750ml bottle of Tinwood Estate Blanc de Blanc and mixed truffles from Charlene’s Chocolate Factory.


    Products in the box will contain:  Nuts ; Gluten (wheat) ; Eggs ; Milk (butter)

  • The Treat Box


    Treat your Mum to the exquisite taste of:

    4 chocolate brownies, 4 meringue kisses, 4 salt caramel eclairs,

    4 flower-shaped jammie dodgers